Ladies 121 Boxing PT’s

Boxing Cardio Workouts Customized For You:

At Bespoke Bodies 121 Boxing, we know that it simply doesn’t make sense to continue with cardio workouts that aren’t giving you results. Trainers don’t just craft their fitness classes and personal training sessions to promote whole body engagement — they also tailor cardio workouts based on your and your Bespoke Bodies  121 Boxing skills.

Our trainers care about progress on an individual and whole training level, so they’ll monitor the success of their boxing Bespoke Bodies 121 clients and determine what adjustments should be made to produce the most effective cardio workouts. Even the best cardio workouts aren’t sufficient if they don’t change over time to reflect the strength and resistance you’ve gained — so our Bespoke Bodies 121 trainers work to ensure that their cardio workouts keep up with their client Progress.
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