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Boxing isn’t just a sport it’s a way of life through exercise!


                          What will this do for me?

Martial art sport success and win concept - smiling boxing champion child boy gesturing for first place victory triumph

1. Confidence Building.

2. Stamina/leading to improved concentration levels.

3. Teaches Discipline.

4. Anti-Bullying/Control in difficult situations.

5. Helps Behavioral issues.

6. The drive to succeed. 

7. Raise fitness levels/healthier lifestyle. 

8. Sport Education makes a significant contribution to pupils well being development.

9. There are crucial areas were Sports trainers can support the school, teachers & families in physical Education. 

10. This sport engages the pupil in a positive way! That pupils will broaden their range of skills.

11. This sport will help apply principles to others and their own work and will develop competence and confidence.


Dan Jones PT works with Adults and children with behavioral difficulties. Dan Jones PT is also CRB checked and is up to date.

Kieron Robinson is 13 years old and a student at neston high school. Kieron began his boxing through difficult times and it has given him a positive view on life/achieving great results At school.  And the boxing training has brought him so far in life and gave him so much Discipline already? that Kieron now wishes to help other children achieve what he has achieved.

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