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Are you looking to get involved in boxing or are searching for an experienced boxing trainer to take your skills to the next level?  Our boxing trainer and coach are vastly experienced to not only help you take your fitness levels and core strength to the next level but to develop your existing skill set and make you best boxer they can.

Gain more energy and achieve more in your professional life. Our continuing training programs are designed bespoke for each client to achieve maximum results for every body shape and boxing experience. Many of our clients have never boxed or engaged in martial arts before, however within only a few sessions clients comment of feelings of extra energy and general motivation. BESPOKE BODIES  Personal Boxing Training From £25 per session For A Full On Hard Core Fitness And Weight Loss Session! Please Call Danny On 0151 676 2178


Time and time again, I am constantly asked to share what I think are THE MOST important drills for developing fighters and this is probably the one that I will stand by until I die.

Slow sparring does everything:

Makes sparring fun for beginners
Gives you faster faster reaction times
Develops a higher variety of better counters
Allows sparring partners to grow quickly
Helps you develop and adapt different styles
Allows you to spar intelligently for longer periods
Makes you more a more creative fighter (“talent”)
WHAT?! Really? How? Are you serious? Do I really have to?

Does everyone need it? Perhaps. But from what I see…the ones arguing against it are the ones who need it most. And the ones who know what I’m talking about and respect its advantages are the ones who have evolved past the need for it.
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